The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Save money thanks to the strength of the chambers of commerce network.

Group insurance designed for companies with 1 to 50 employees.

  • Stable premiums: risk is shared among 33,000 companies
  • Financial expenses 20% to 50% lower than the competition
  • NPO: surpluses stay in the plan and serve to lower your premiums

Get a free quote and compare it to your current group insurance!… The numbers will speak for themselves!.


Keep your money to pay claims, not fees.

With the lowest financial expenses on the insurance market, the bulk of your money serves to pay claims. The result?

  1. More premiums available for claims
  2. Less shortfall to compensate for at renewal
  3. Fewer increases and more stable costs

Testimonials from members who switched to the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

“Strength in numbers is what makes the difference. Our premiums have gone down significantly and we have benefits that we never had access to before. It’s a winning situation at every level: our employees have more protection and we are paying less.”

- Marie-Samuelle Constant, Director, Administration and Finances, Casacom

“Before joining the Chambers of Commerce Plan, brokers never really explained to us how traditional group insurance works. Thanks to the explanations from our plan advisor, we realized that we were paying additional expenses with other for-profit insurance companies.”

- Sylvie Hamel , Director of Finance, CPA Montréal

Create a group insurance plan for your SME that is made to measure

Choose from a wide range of options and coverage.

Are you worried about premium increases?

Join the largest group in Canada for group insurance.

With the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, premiums are calculated based on the average of claims made by the pool of participants. You keep your own premium-claim statistics.

  • 33,000 companies under one contract
  • $350 million in premiums covered
  • Your risk is shared, your costs reduced
  • You’re protected from a significant increase in case of a major claim

Enjoy personalized support

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is offered exclusively by accredited consultants who will help you develop and implement your plan step by step. They are an extension of your team!

  • Comparative and diagnostic analysis of your current group insurance plan
  • Exploration of potential savings and advice for controlling your costs
  • Help with the transition, implementation, and communication with employees
  • Production of personalized charts to determine the cost per employee, among other things
  • Support for claims and other questions
  • Audrey Girard-LachapelleGroup insurance advisor
  • André Martin, B.A.A., F.M.L.I.Group insurance advisor
  • Nathalie Marcoux, C.A.A.S.Certified Employee Benefit Specialist
  • Deborah ArchambaultGroup insurance advisor
  • Alain Proulx, A.V.C., Pl.FinEmployee benefits consultant

Ready to compare?

Get a free, no-commitment quote and compare it to your current insurance.

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Yves Bitama
Agent, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
514 871-4000 #4076

Did you know that you can change insurers at any time?
You don’t need to wait until it’s time to renew your agreement to change insurers. Our consultants will guide you, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Never had group insurance before?
It’s simple. Our consultants will help you choose the best program for your needs at the best price.

Not a member of the Chamber?
No problem. When you sign up for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan, you receive a basic membership that is paid through your monthly premiums. Lorsque vous souscrivez au Régime d’assurance collective des chambres de commerce, vous obtenez une adhésion de base, qui est répartie dans vos primes mensuelles.

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