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Exporting assistance service

SMEs: Let us be your guide in international success

Our team of experts can help your company by assessing your project, making sure you are properly equipped, and supporting you on the road to international success.

Since 2012, we have been part of a network of 19 regional export promotion organizations (ORPEX). Present in several administrative regions throughout Quebec, ORPEXs have a mandate to assist consolidating and diversifying potential exporters to:

  • Undertake an export process
  • Better structure themselves to sell on a market outside Quebec

These services are intended for:

  • Companies seeking to develop an international market
  • Companies that have only recently started exporting
  • Exporters seeking a new market

For more information:

Céline Chataigner-Reboul
International Business Commissioner
514 871-4002, extension 6215

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Assess your level of export preparedness

Export Diagnosis

Meet our international commissioner for a preliminary evaluation of your potential at the international level. This meeting is aimed at gaining a better understanding of your export project and providing answers to your questions about our services.

Making connections with relevant contacts.
A summary of the diagnosis will be provided at the end of the meeting.

No charge

Fund your international project

International Business Plan

When you go international, your company is bound to change. A business plan is essential for 2 main reasons:

  • To make a request for international funding from government programs (Export Québec, Global Affairs Canada, EDC, BDC, etc.).
  • To have a guideline for your next two or three years, and make sure you remember everything you need to put into place to prepare for the project.

Ten-page template provided (including essential sections, the level of detail required, questions you need to ask yourself)

  • Revision of the business plan after you have drafted it
  • A one-hour meeting during which we will make our recommendations

Price: $399

Plan of action for your project

The plan of action for your international project will guide the daily activities you will need to carry out to reach your objective. The plan of action establishes what must be done, when it must be done, and by whom, listing the resources or analyses required to do so.

We will draft your plan of action together, establishing the following elements for a one-year period:

  • A schedule
  • The people involved/responsible
  • A budget

Price: $250

Submission of your funding request

Sound management of your company often begins with obtaining financial aid. However, the process can be long and complex. Come get help from our specialists, who can provide the guidance you need for your project.

This service includes:

  • Verification of eligibility
  • Explanation of the rules and of desired elements
  • Drafting/submission of the funding request to the organization in question

Price: $499

Package: Fund your international project

(including an international business plan, a plan of action for your project, and the submission of your request for funding)
Discount of close to 15%

Price: $999

Confirm your potential market and identify the strategy to adopt

Prioritization of foreign markets

It's a big world filled with opportunities. The problem is choosing a country to start with. The goal is simple: find the country where you can concentrate your operational and financial efforts while minimizing your risks.

Meeting with a sectoral expert who will help you choose 3 countries/markets to target.

  • Documentation on each country, including a summary
  • Creation of foreign market analysis grids, and help with making a decision after results are provided

Price: $599

Market Study

When entering a new market, it is important to validate the potential of its offer. As you know, a market study requires time and specific analytical skills. We can gather and analyze market information to help you make enlightened decisions.

A market study allows you to:

  • Assess the sales potential of your products/services
  • Identify your target, your competitors, your priority region, etc.
  • Validate the entry method and positioning to adopt

Price: $3,500*

*certain conditions apply

Field Study

We offer a turnkey, tailor-made solution.

We can dedicate a member of our team to validating certain aspects of your export strategy. We make our way to the target country to meet your potential partners/clients, asking them to complete a questionnaire (survey) in order to bring back detailed information on your competitors and/or allow you to adopt an effective marketing strategy.

For example, a field study allows you to:

  • Validate your offer vs. that of your competitors
  • Validate the regulatory aspects (labelling, etc.)
  • Evaluate the best marketing strategy to adopt
  • Validate marketing aspects (price, format, distribution, etc.)
  • Test your brand image

Price: starting at $1,500*

*travel costs additional

Package: Confirm your potential market and identify the strategy to adopt

(including market prioritization, a market study, and a field study)
Discount of close to 15%

Price: starting at $5,000

Develop your export business

Meet your future business partners: a personalized meeting program

You want to reach out to foreign partners but don't know how to contact them, you don't have the internal resources to prepare a program of meetings, and you don't know the local business culture... We can organize a turnkey, personalized meeting program for you.


  • Establishment of goals, partner qualification criteria
  • Identification, purchasing, and prioritizing of a list of contacts
  • Cold-calling and organization of a program of meetings


  • Organization of travel logistics as needed
  • Advice on sales or partnership strategy, business culture, etc.
  • Organization of follow-ups in anticipation of a return

Price: $400 to $600/meeting*

*minimum of 5 meetings, rate based on country

Partner search and prequalification

This service will be of use to you if you are seeking distributors, agents, clients, logistical partners, etc.

Compiling of a list of prequalified contacts (5 maximum).

Price: $499

Other services

Export 5 Package

An exclusive package for VSEs (very small enterprises) and start-ups seeking guidance for their internationalization efforts. If you are unsure of what needs to be done, where to go, and how to get funded, this service is for you.

5 hours of consultation (customs regulations, web strategy, marketing, entry mode, etc.)
1 hour of consultation with an expert (tax, legal, transportation, etc.)
10% discount on your next order

Price: $299*

*$750 value – maximum of one package per year

À la carte Expert

If you have several questions about exporting, you can call on our team at any time by using your bank of hours to get relevant information (evaluation of your web strategy, cold-calling, customs regulations, etc.)

Based on your needs, several packages are available:
5 hrs.
10 hrs.
20 hrs.


These special prices are being made available through the financial support of the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation.

Financial support provided by:

Export Québec

Member of:

Commerce international Québec

About the Export Assistance Service
The Export Assistance Service offered by the Chamber’s team of international trade experts, is made possible through the financial support of Export Québec, a unit of the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation , as a regional export promotion organization (ORPEX).

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