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COVID-19 | Remote personalized support

Our Acclr’s team of business intelligence experts is continuing to offer personalized service. Our advisors are available to help you plan the recovery of your international activities.

Feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions.

Do you need to improve the accuracy of your market data?

Thanks to a customized market data set, you can have access to key industry and geographical indicators, allowing you to validate your strategy and move on to the next stage of your project.

Our business intelligence experts offer you customized market data reports tailored to your needs, all at a competitive price. With data from thousands of sources and specialized databases, you can obtain reliable and up-to-date strategic information on:

  • the size and potential of a market in a given geographic area
  • the performance, trends and risks of a sector
  • the competitive landscape and major players
  • regulations affecting your sector

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Get personalized and illuminating market data

Socio-demographic data

Socio-demographic statistics allow you to shed light on the factors that are essential to understanding the consumption, shopping and spending habits of your potential customers. This data will provide you with tailored segmentation opportunities, allowing you to identify the most promising customers for your business.

Start-ups and SMEs : starting at $85
Large business : starting at 150$

Consumption data and spending

Consumer trends evolve rapidly. In order to compete, it is essential to have a good understanding of the buying habits of consumers of goods and services and the related spending. By linking this data to socio-demographic data, you will get a clear picture of your potential customers, allowing you to identify the opportunities and strategies you can take advantage of today to increase your company's competitive edge.

Start-ups and SMEs: starting at $85
Large business : starting at $150

International business climate

Looking for new business opportunities in a new market? In order to properly select the next country for your expansion, it is essential to conduct an assessment in order to determine whether the conditions and the business environment are favourable.

Using a series of reliable quantitative and qualitative indicators for the country, including the ease of doing business, the political and economic climate, the country’s performance, and the political, economic and social SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), you will be able to understand the particularities of the country and adapt your export strategy accordingly.

Start-ups and SMEs : starting at $300
Large business : starting at $600

Sectoral profile and trends (local or international)

The main trends with respect to growth, competitive intensity and changes in consumer habits are key indicators for evaluating the appropriateness of a given sector for your business.

The sectoral profile and trends provide a comprehensive picture of the current and projected situation, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that characterize the sector. You can find out what is going on in your sector (press review) and thus identify the development prospects for your company, at home or abroad.

Start-ups and SMEs : starting at $300
Large business : starting at $600

Business projects and opportunities in a region or sector (local or international)

When it comes to starting, increasing or diversifying your business activities in a specific region or sector, a structured analysis of opportunities and feasibility is an essential tool for your decision-making process. With comprehensive lists of projects and business opportunities in valuable local or international sectors, you will be able to determine which products and markets are the most promising for your business.

Start-ups and SMEs : starting at $800
Large business : starting at $1,600

Want to see your company’s key business data at a glance?

Get a summary of your personalized market data to quickly identify business opportunities in the most promising sectors, countries and regions.

Start-up : $500
SME : $600
Large business : $3,000

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*Rates depend on the time spent researching by specialists and do not include taxes. An estimate of the time required to process your request will be submitted to you beforehand for approval.
Subject to the availability of information and the sector type.

Business categories
Start-up : businesses with 1 to 5 employees
SME : companies with 6 to 249 employees
Large business : businesses with 250 employees or more

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