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COVID-19 | Remote personalized support

Our Acclr’s team of business intelligence experts is continuing to offer personalized service. Our advisors are available to help you plan the recovery of your international activities.

Feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions.

Do you need strategic information about your suppliers, partners, competitors or the main players in your business sector?

The business lists and profiles are excellent starting points for each step of your business project.

Get information on distributors, partners and potential competitors

Thanks to our team of information specialists who use and analyze multiple specialized databases, these business lists and profiles can help you:

  • complete your business plan to receive financing
  • investigate the competition
  • find opportunities in your business sector
  • develop your market internationally
  • expand your distribution network in a specific industry or region

What information is available in the company lists and profiles?

Get personalized business lists and profiles based on your needs and find opportunities for your business:

Potential clients

Do you want to increase your client list locally, in Canada or abroad? Get key data about your potential clientele’s profile including estimated turnover and a socio-demographic profile in order to target the most profitable prospects for your business.

Potential competitors

Do you want to improve your business plan and better place yourself compared to your competition? Get informative data on your competitive environment, including the number of current and potential competitors, their location, the number of employees and their estimated turnover to find opportunities for your business.

Distributors, wholesalers and retailers

Are you a Canadian manufacturer or producer? Get lists of national and international distributors, wholesalers and retailers to expand your distribution network and get ahead.


Are you looking for product and service producers or manufacturers that will help you expand your distribution network in a specific industry and region? Trust in Info entrepreneurs to take care of this search and lead you to your next business partners.


Are you looking for new clients interested in exporting or who are actively exporting? Are you a foreign business looking for a Canadian partner? Info entrepreneurs can help you find the best contacts to fast-track your business to new international markets.

Contact us

Contact our information specialists to ask for your personalized business lists and profiles now!

1 888 576-4444 Request for Research


Start-ups and SMEs: starting at $75 Big businesses: starting at $150

*Rates depend on the time spent researching by specialists and do not include taxes. An estimate of the time required to process your request will be submitted to you beforehand for approval.
Subject to the availability of information and the sector type.

Business categories
Start-ups: 1 to 5 employees
SME: 6 to 249 employees
Big businesses: 250 employees or more

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