The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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  • Business support – Montréal

    Take advantage of the services offered by business support organizations in Montréal.
  • Finance your business transfer

    See where to find financing to help you succeed in transferring your business.

    Use this business platform to buy a business or sell yours.
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy

    If you feel that your financial situation is getting out of hand, there are several steps towards financial stability that you can take today.
  • BDC transition financing

    If you are retiring or selling your business, you could get a loan to help with the costs of the transition.
  • Business succession

    If you plan to sell or purchase a financially viable business, this fund may be able to help.
  • CIBC — Succession planning

    The CIBC has articles, tools and services to help you build a succession plan that reflects your personal and business goals.
  • Closing a GST/HST account

    Find out when and how to close your GST/HST account and the ensuing obligations.
  • Closing accounts

    When closing your business, remember to complete the required Canada Revenue Agency forms.
  • Closing your business

    Things to do when closing a business include filing a final tax return, paying outstanding tax amounts, and financing succession planning.
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