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The STM unveils the new métro car for Montréal: with Azur, the future is in sight!

The STM unveils the new métro car for Montréal: with Azur, the future is in sight!

Montréal, June 1, 2012 – Marking the second Strategic Forum on Transportation, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is teaming up with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM) for the exclusive unveiling of the future métro cars, named Azur, with Pierre Moreau, Québec Minister of Transport, Gérald Tremblay, Mayor of Montréal, and Michel Labrecque, STM Board Chairman in attendance. Starting June 8, the full-scale model will make it possible for the general public to discover its interior and exterior design, as well as the main components of Montréal’s future métro cars that will be introduced into service in 2014.

“The contract to have the Montréal métro’s cars manufactured by the Bombardier-Alstom Consortium is a powerful boost to Québec’s economic development. We estimate that building these 468 new train cars will maintain thousands of jobs and generate nearly $400 M in net value added to Québec’s gross domestic product. This is one of the most important projects in which the Ministry has taken part in the last few years, and we are very proud of that,” declared Québec Transport Minister, Pierre Moreau.  

“By being more reliable and comfortable, these new métro cars will improve the transit experience for passengers. And by enhancing its offer of service, the STM is encouraging people to adopt this eco-friendly transportation mode even more. This also significantly contributes to improving the flow of traffic in our city, for the benefit of Montrealers and the city’s economic vitality,” mentioned Mayor Tremblay.

“The business community in the metropolitan area is looking forward to the STM’s new métro cars being introduced into service in 2014. Their larger passenger capacity as well as their greater reliability will contribute to improving the métro’s overall performance, even though it already handles nearly 500 000 passenger rides each day in the metropolitan area. Published in 2010, our study on public transportation showed that a 3% shift in modal share in favour of public transit would help save 213 million dollars in costs related to traffic congestion, and the new metro cars will certainly contribute to such savings,” indicated Board of Trade President and CEO, Michel Leblanc.

“This initiative is the latest in a series of moves made since the start of the project to involve transit users in the various stages of the project to acquire new métro cars. With this 21st century rolling stock, we will be able to increase our passenger capacity by some 10% and significantly improve the client experience thanks to superior comfort and state-of-the-art information systems. We will be better able to pursue our goals for increasing ridership and improving services,” concluded STM Board Chairman, Michel Labrecque.

The STM reminds the public that the new métro cars are being built by the Bombardier-Alstom Consortium. Labbé Designers et associés were responsible for the industrial design of the MPM-10 cars, producing the overall concept for the exterior look and interior layout of the cars. Creative shop Sid Lee defined the cars’ exterior colour scheme. 

Specification sheet for the MPM-10:

Specification sheets for the MODELS FOR THE MPM-10: FicheMPM-10maquette_12.pdf

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