The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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  • Advance Payments Program

    You can apply for a cash advance of up to $400,000 for your agricultural business.
  • AgriInvest

    If you are an agricultural producer, you could get a matching contribution if you put aside savings.
  • AgriStability

    If you are a Canadian farmer, you could get money to help cover costs when your net earnings fall below 70% of your recent average.
  • BDC business loans

    You could get money to help you start or grow your business.
  • BDC Capital

    Access a wide range of specialized financing to match the various stages of growth of your business.
  • BDC Commercial real estate financing

    Find out how to get financing to buy land or commercial buildings or to build or expand your existing commercial facilities.
  • BDC Small Business Loan - for existing business

    Get a loan of up to $100,000 within 48 hours from the time of approval. There are no application fees or hassles and the entire process is online.
  • BDC Start-up financing

    Learn how you could get a loan to start or buy a business or to buy property or equipment to set up your business.
  • BDC Wholesale financing

    Your small to medium-sized financing or lease company could access expanded financing options to provide vehicle and equipment loan or lease contracts.
  • Book publishing tax credit

    Your book publishing business could get a tax credit for eligible pre-production, printing and labour costs.
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