The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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  • Info-Guide – Write your business plan

    Know what elements are considered essential in any business plan and the key points that should be included in each section of your plan.
  • Canadian Industry Statistics

    Get industry data and analysis on a number of economic indicators such as employment, manufacturing and gross domestic product.

    Browse or search this key socio-economic database from Statistics Canada, and create custom data outputs.
  • Census profiles

    Get information from the 2016 Census of Population on the age, occupation, level of education and income of Canadians across the country.
  • Cluster Map

    View and compare data for related industries across Canada using a range of economic indicators.
  • Country information — Export Development Canada

    Find profiles of foreign countries, as well as information on EDC resources available for each country.
  • Country Insights

    Get cultural, demographic, and political information on countries with whom you would like to conduct business.
  • Data products : Your guide to statistical information from the census

    Browse statistical information about the population, households, dwellings and families as measured in the latest census in Canada.
  • Databank of official statistics on Quebec

    Consult statistics compiled by a number of Quebec departments and agencies on the various facets of the province's society.
  • Franchises

    Find publications that provide information about the current franchising situation.
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